Who We Are

Real Craftsman Building Beautiful Properties

Ghirardelli Construction is a high end residential design and construction firm. For nearly 35 years Ghirardelli Construction is the first stop for discerning homeowners looking for a bespoke home remodel. The professional design team has received top industry standard awards for their kitchen and bath designs. We take pride in bringing traditional homes up to date with modern amenities, while maintaing the character that makes your home so special to begin with..

Bill Ghirardelli

Bill got his start in construction at 11 years old when he ran his mini bike into a fence and his Dad told him he had to hire someone to repair it, or fix it himself. Rather than spend his hard earned money cutting grass, he decided to do it himself. This can-do attitude has become a lifelong trend of being very hands on all of his projects. After graduating UC Berkeley, he moved to Auburn to build 100’s of homes in a subdivision. He quickly rose up the ranks to manage the projects, and then moved back to the Bay Area with his wife and 2 sons, Bo and Nick. He took what he learned building homes and started his own construction company, Ghirardelli Construction in 1973. He started working on new construction and high end residential remodels. His business and prestigious reputation quickly grew from word of mouth, and he’s proud to say that he’s never spent a single dollar on marketing. While working for clients, he also developed his own real estate portfolio and owns property in some of California’s most desirable locations. He’s been featured in Fine Homebuilding and is up for Houzz’s 2017 design/build award. Currently, he’s focused on new residential property development and flipping houses. He is an active member in the community, and sits on the board of a non-profit, Sky’s The Limit. He loves trips to Tahoe, traveling to Europe, and hanging with his 2 rescue pups, Yuba and Petey.

Nick Ghirardelli

Nick handles the real estate and design side of the business, and has been a top rated Broker for the past 9 years. He got his start moving to San Diego after college, and bought his first fixer upper home in Pacific Beach. Short on funds, he had to tackle the remodel himself or be stuck with the best the 1970’s had to offer . Armed with the knowledge of his father who was 500 miles away, and a determined attitude, the work began. The days usually started with watching some HGTV to get the creative juices flowing, then about a dozen phone calls to his Dad asking for advice, followed by 17 trips to home depot. It was a trial by fire, and at 23 years old with literally dozens of the oddest Craigslist hires you can imagine, the house started looking presentable. It was a terrific learning experience and paved the way for the future. Plenty of mistakes were made, but hands on is really the best way to learn how to do design/build. To say Nick is obsessed with design is an understatement. His eye for detail and planning ensures everything is absolutely perfect. He has dozens of award winning remodels under his belt, and is also working on new property development. He is the recipient of the Bay Area’s Best Design Award 2016 and is the proud new dog-father of his little frenchie, Winston.